3D PAN EU platform in Corona times: MAT3D is open for 3D printing production orders by third parties

3DP PAN EU (www.3dppan.eu) is a platform designed to map 3DP test and demonstration facilities in the EU, describing in detail the equipment and services that are available for use by third parties.

MAT3D is part of this community as Facility Centre. The scope of 3DP PAN EU is in essence limited to test and demonstration activities. This transparent offer has now be promoted towards European SMEs, in order to facilitate a matchmaking,  resulting in collaborative projects bringing 3DP innovation faster to the market, ending up with commercialized applications.

Today, to fight Corona Virus, we are able to open our capacities for 3DP production activities, to offer 3D printed based solutions.

This could be particularly useful during the current health crisis moment caused by the Covid-19 virus (Corona) when a number of companies and organisations – medical but also other such as manufacturing companies – are experiencing problems in their traditional supply chain and have difficulties in sourcing specific parts and components.

That is why 3DP PAN EU decided to expand its scope to 3DP production activities.

As such we wish to deliver our contribution to the current health (and economic) crisis.

For any question or suggestions on this topic, please send a message to corona@3dppan.eu or to chiara.manicardi@mat3d.it